• Frichti

    Charlotte nous apporté un service de conseils en nutrition pour un nouveau projet, son approche experte sur un mode consultant nous a donné plaine satisfaction.  Elle est très professionnelle, avec une excellente connaissance de la nutrition et est vraiment à notre écoute.  Elle a répondu parfaitement à nos besoins....

  • Asos

    Très agréable intervention d'1h pour parler de nutrition et balayer certaines idées reçues.
    Merci à Charlotte pour sa belle énergie et ses réponses constructives!

We believe passionately that the health of a company closely mirrors the health of its employees. We have created unique and dynamic corporate nutrition programmes which support and empower your employees to achieve their full potential.

Nutrition in Paris

'Courage, cheerfulness and a desire to work depends mainly on good nutrition' - Jacob Moleschott

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Nutrition in Paris truly understands the corporate world and the challenges presented in balancing a busy corporate lifestyle with a healthy dietary approach.

Nutrition in Paris | Our Experience


Charlotte Debeugny’s experience allows her to provide cutting edge and uniquely tailored corporate nutrition services.  As a chartered accountant, she spent 14 years working in finance for JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.  She then retrained as a nutritionist, receiving a BSc in Nutrition from the university of Greenwich.  Charlotte is also the author of 5 books on nutrition and health which were published by Marabout.

Nutrition in Paris | Vision


Charlotte has first-hand experience of difficulties in prioritising a nutritious diet against long working days.  The nutrition in Paris corporate nutrition packages include effective behavioural change techniques well as practical guidance and information.  Charlotte believes firmly that healthy eating can be accessible to everyone.  She uses the latest nutrition research to ensure her advice is evidence based (supported by scientific research) and up to date.

Further information about Charlotte Debeugny and her books can be found on her website.